Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Lamest Political Video You Will Ever See: Obama's Election Day Message to Wisconsin

June 5, 2012, 2:00 P.M. CDT - Today is the day that Wisconsin voters take to the polls to decide whether Gov. Scott Walker (R) will stay or be replaced by challenger Tom Barrett (D). The "recall Walker" effort in Wisconsin is well over a year old, and Badger State Democrats have been frustrated by Obama's lack of support for their cause.

In what may be the weakest, lamest and most last-minute effort to show support for a candidate ever, the Obama camp released a pro-Barrett video... today. Yes, on the day of the recall election, they posted it to YouTube. Hell, it's not even last minute: It was posted after the last minute.

Obama's Laura Urges Wisconsin Voters to Vote The young woman in the video, "Laura," has a voice that can only be described as annoying. Not only is the pitch of her voice hard to take, but she has some kind of weird, quasi-Southern California accent. I grew up in Wisconsin. I know Wisconsin accents. I spent 10 years in L.A., and I know the "Valley Girl" accent. I don't know who this Laura kid is, but she sure as hell isn't a typical Wisconsinite. Her presentation, not just the voice but the what she says - her message - is boring. Painfully, horribly boring. As redalertpolitics.com said, Laura is "lackluster."

Look, I'm only asking you to watch this monstrosity of a video once; I had to watch it repeatedly to get all the words and let me tell you, I'm still feeling a little ill. Democrats in Wisconsin must be throwing up just about the time they get about 19 seconds into the video. That's when Laura urges fellow Walker haters to "sign up for a shift" (phone bank?), "knock doors, make phone calls and talk to your friends and elect Tom Barrett." Ugh. That quivering, cartoon-like voice is telling people to do what they needed to do weeks ago, months ago, and to do it on the day of the election. 

As of 1:50 PM Central Time, the video had only 301 views. That indicates that it was released only within the past few hours, so by the time any significant number of people see this video, the polls will be closed. One can only hope that the Obama camp runs its own re-election campaign as shoddily as they have run their support for Barrett.

This too-late pitiful show of support from Obama must have been hurriedly thrown together and slapped up on YouTube after the polls opened today. It's as though they had a meeting on Sunday and decided that, dear Lord, "we really should do something," and then went out and grabbed the first dumb kid they could find to star in this video. "Hey, you, kid!"  Boring Laura was it.

Obama's tweet for Tom Barrett
Too little, too late. h/t PiratesCove
See the actual tweet on Twitter
Of course, there was also the single tweet that Obama wrote on Twitter (left). That was damned lame, too. It said, "It's Election Day in Wisconsin tomorrow, and I'm standing by Tom Barrett. He'd make an outstanding governor. -bo."  That was posted at 6:17 PM Central Time, rather late in the day. An afterthought? It's as though Obama just doesn't care much about Wisconsin - or Barrett.

Why has Obama been AWOL in the hotly contested Wisconsin recall election? Susan Crabtree wrote about that for the Washington Times today. "The president has resisted Democratic entreaties to campaign on behalf of Mr. Barrett," Crabtree said, "in an election where Mr. Walker holds a slight lead and one that many political observers view as harbinger for the presidential election. It may have been a lesson learned the hard way after Mr. Obama waded into the losing Democratic Senate campaign of Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts in 2010, fueling stories that his support wasn't powerful enough to help Ms. Coakley over the finish line."

In other words, Obama has no guts and has put his own political fortunes ahead of those of his own party. Obama's philosophy in all of this seems to be "No guts, no worries."

Post Script: Crabtree's June 5 headline said "Obama only tweets support for Barrett on eve of Wisconsin recall." Apparently, that boring Laura video was posted - as I theorize - late this morning and after Crabtree's story was published at WashingtonTimes.com.