Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dutch Ministry of Defense Searches Web for Porn With Government Computer, Winds Up Here

Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen:
Does he know what's going on?
June 5, 2012 - It might be a security problem, it might not be. It certainly seems like a waste of Dutch taxpayers' money, however, for somebody at the Ministry of Defense ("Ministerie Van Defensie") in the Netherlands (Holland) to be looking for pictures of naked women on the Internet. Somebody there visited Chicago News Bench looking for just that, and they got here via an image search on www.google.nl for "ukraine women naked."

Does Dutch Defense Minister Hans Hillen know that his nation's defense computer network is being used for such things?

Sorry, this is as sexy as it gets
What that search turned up was, among other things, a post I wrote years ago about a group of Ukrainian women who protest publicly while wearing little or no clothing, usually topless at least. That group is "FEMEN," and the Google search that the Dutch Minstry of Defense employee click on was a link to "Hot Women in Ukraine Protest Sex Or Something." In case you're about to click over there I'll give you fair warning: You will not find pictures of unclad females.

Whoever made that search was using Chrome 19.0 on a computer using Microsoft's XP operating system.

My stats information show the IP address as and lists the ISP as "Ministerie Van Defensie" in Huis Ter Heide, just outside of the city of Utrecth. It seems to be adjacent to Soesterberg Royal Netherlands Air Force Base (see map). Just for good measure, I crosschecked the IP address at ExtremeTracking.com. Let's hope they're keeping their pants on at the Ministerie Van Defensie.