May 20, 2012

Black Bloc Tactics Exposed: Yes, Anarchists Really Are Violent

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Source: TheBlaze
"Black Bloc" Tactics are used by anarchists in the United States and worldwide. Dressed in all-black "uniforms," the black bloc thugs are out to vandalize and destroy both private and public property. Here is a look at how black bloc anarchists operate, with excerpts from a self-professed anarchist's online "pamphlet" that gives how-to advice to his violent comrades.

Black bloc wants violence. You can this clearly by the way a line of black bloc thugs, at 0:27 in the video below, walk right up to a line of police and deliberately shove into them. The cops reacted as they should have, and exactly as the black bloc'ers expected them to. If you are ever near a "peaceful" protest, keep your eyes open for people dressed in black, especially with their faces partially or fully covered. Put as much distance between you and them as you can, because their intention is to provoke the police to violent action. "Antifa" (so-called "anti-fascists") make frequent use of black bloc's violent methods and tactics.

If somebody gets hurt by their tactics, they feel no guilt. They advocate the injuring and even killing of police officers. While the majority of "Occupy" movement people do not support such tactics, the black blocs are tied to Occupy. Black bloc goons are in Chicago for the NATO Summit.

Another example of black bloc anarchists deliberately provoking the police can be seen in the video below at 0:26. Watch the upper-left for the rush of "protesters" toward the police.

There is simply no equivalent of black bloc activity within - or even loosely associated with - the Tea Party movement. Although many Occupiers are peaceful protesters, videos show again and again that plenty of them join the black bloc thugs in their destructive actions, or simply stand aside and allow them to freely throw their Molotov cocktails, rocks, and whatever else is at hand. Some Occupiers, like those in the videos here, openly say that they support the "right" of some to use black bloc tactics.

MIKE CASTLE has a lot of insider info about black bloc tactics on his website. Castle, a self-described "technologist," says of himself, "I make software, mostly for the web and Android, as Roasted Vermicelli. I talk about stuff on Off the Hook. I also bike, cook, and agitate for a better world."

I suppose Castle's idea of a "better world" is one in which self-appointed SS-wannabe amateur storm troopers use anarchist methods to trash innocent merchants' storefront windows.

Of black bloc, Castle says that "The Black Bloc has gained alot of publicity in the past two years. What people dont understand is that the Black Bloc is not an organization or a group. It is a tactic. It helps reinforce security and execute our goal in the presence of high-profile demonstrations.

From Seattle WTO to the most recent action in Genoa, the Black Bloc has certainly been the main focus by the media and the police in major demonstrations. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce newer and better tactics into the struggle."  That, and more, can be found at one of Castle's web pages, where he presents "a pamphlet" for his fellow anarchists.
Typical black bloc "uniforms" 
"In it's essential form," he wrote, "each participant of a Black Bloc wears somewhat of a uniform.... The idea of wearing this uniform is that if every single person in the Bloc looks relatively alike, it is hard for the police to determine which individual did what."

"For instance," Castle advised, "if a Black Bloc participant throws a brick at a store window and runs into the Bloc, she will easily blend in with everyone else.

However, if a person wearing normal street clothes happens to throw a brick and run into the Bloc, chances are that she will have been filmed or photographed and later caught by the police."

Anarchrists are violent. Castle admits this. He advises his fellow black bloc'ing anarchists to "wear the uniform" to keep them from being identified by police.

"Law enforcement has been known to film and take photos of random activists and keep files on those individuals," wrote Castle. "This can lead to problems in the future. It's better to be safe than in jail."

"Be creative," he urges his fellow black-clad thugs. "Build off the info on this site and never give up."

Still not convinced that these people are bent on being destructive?

"This pamphlet is essential reading for anyone who is associated with groups that advocate and/or utilize sabotage, theft, arson and more militant tactics," Castle's "pamphlet" says. "The advice herein also applies to anyone who is associated with groups that practice civil disobedience, especially since membership often overlaps and gossip travels freely between groups."

I'm all for civil disobedience, as long as it is actually civil. Castle and his fellow hoodlums, though, don't seem to understand that utilizing sabotage, theft and arson is not civil. In case you're still not convinced that these people are dangerous - very dangerous - you need to read Castle's section about weapons

"Homemade explosives work very well in riots," he noted. "There is a huge history of the military using homemade explosives in war, so if it works for them, it can work against them. Click on the links for construction methods."  Those links lead to details about how to make the following items (descriptions are Castle's):
  • Molotov Cocktails-The most popular choice in street fighting weaponry. A very useful and effective explosive, made purely of house hold items. 
  • Smoke Bombs-These easily attainable or homemade items are great when dealing with illegal situations. It can shield any media or police cameras from catching anyone on film participating in an illegal act. It can also disorient the police when they are advancing on the crowd. For construction methods, click on the link. 
  • Fuel-Fertilizer Explosives-These will create an overwhelmingly large explosion and should be practiced in large faraway places like the desert before using. Make sure that you will not injure anyone that you do not intend to injure. 
  • Pipe Bombs-Not really the best explosive to use in a street fight but it still works. Causes lots of good damage. 
  • Draino Bomb-A small bomb that is very risky to use. To be used on cars only. Be careful! 
  • Soda Bottle Bomb-A somewhat biowarfare bomb made from aluminum foil and pool acid. The fumes should not be inhaled by anyone you do not want to inhale them. 
  • Match Head Bomb-A small bomb of match heads. Not too fabulous. 
Mr. Castle is a compassionate advocate of terrorism, so he gives this loving advice to his readers: "Remember: Be careful and responsible with these explosives. Don't blow yourself up, or any of your comrades! Don't get caught!"

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