Tuesday, April 24, 2012

White Guy Savagely Beaten by Crazed Democrat Voters

Matthew Owens, Beating Victim
April 24, 2012 - A crazed mob of 10-15 vicious racists in Mobile, Alabama beat a man to within inches of his life last Saturday night.

The victim, Matthew Owens, is white. The attackers are all black. The motivation was clearly racial, but reports now say that the brutality is not being investigated as a hate crime.

Owens, 40, was brutally beaten after he asked some neighbor kids playing basketball to keep the noise down (see Update here). A report at Fox News sums it up:

Matthew Owens, of Mobile, Ala., was assaulted with baseball bats, paint cans and other weapons at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday after telling a group of children to stop playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive, according to Ashley Rains, public information officer for the Mobile Police Department. After the children left the area, a group of adults armed with weapons returned and confronted Owens, 40, in his front yard, where he was assaulted. Owens' sister, Ashley Parker, told WKRG she witnessed the attack and that there were as many as 20 assailants. Parker said she overheard one of them say, "Now that's justice for Trayvon." More at Fox News...

"That's justice for Trayvon" can mean only one thing: The mob felt that beating the crap out of a white guy was - in their sick and feeble minds - "justice" for the killing of Trayvon Martin, who was black, by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman is Hispanic, not Caucasian, but apparently beating up anybody who is not black is "justice" to Owens's attackers.

Owens’ sister told WKRG-TV that about 20 black people attacked him on his own front porchusing “brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on.” Parker says as the attackers walked away, leaving Owens bleeding on the ground, one of them said “Now, thats justice for Trayvon.”  One witness who wants to remain anonymous said: ”I saw about 10 to 15 people from little kids and women with dresses to adult men, just flooding onto the property, surrounding the car, hollering and screaming." More at OpposingViews.com...

The insane attack on Matthew Owens comes in the wake of thousands of Democrat voters publicly advocating the murder of George Zimmerman, as noted previously on Chicago News Bench.

Yes, those calling for "justice for Trayvon" by means of killing a man, Zimmerman, without even a trial, are Democrat voters - if they vote at all, that is. Matthew Owens last Saturday, too. What, you thought they might be Republicans?

"A growing digital lynch mob of Twitter users," reports The Daily Mail (UK), "is calling for street justice against George Zimmerman and advocating he be murdered since his release from jail on $150,000 bail early this morning. Some have even threatened to kill the neighborhood watch volunteer themselves." 

Again, how many of those rabid tweeters do you think are registered Republicans?

With all of this violent hate and calls to vigilantism, we've heard not a peep from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Sr. or Al Sharpton or any other "black leader."  We've heard nothing from Barack Obama. In fact, we've heard nothing from any Republican leaders either, for that matter. As noted, the Matthew Owens beating is not being looked at by authorities as a hate crime. But what if Matthew Owens had been a black man, and his attackers had been white?  Do you think this would be a hate crime investigation?  See "Black Mob Attack on Matthew Owens Caused by Theft, Not Basketball."