Monday, April 9, 2012

OneSight's Vision For The World

The gift of sight is precious indeed, but many people around the world, including North America, do not have access to eye clinics or to needed glasses. In some countries, a pair of eyewear costs more than a month’s salary. 

OneSight has helped more than seven million people on five continents and in hundreds of communities across North America see clearly." A friend of mine is an optometrist in Chicago. His name is Time, and he will travel to India this month to join with others in his profession to help people in a remote area with free eye exams and eye glasses.

Tim and other eye care professionals are trying to raise funds for the trip (see the handy donation widget, left, or go Tim's donation page). "Your support," says OneSight, "helps us deliver clear vision. Ninety-two cents of every dollar you donate goes directly to delivering glasses to those in need."

You can see what OneSight's "Team India" did in February of this year at their blog. Check in after April 15 to see what Tim's group is up to.

More about OneSight:

OneSight, a Luxottica Foundation, is a family of vision care charities dedicated to providing healthy vision, eyewear and sun protection to those in need worldwide. Since 1988, these charitable efforts have provided free vision care and eyewear to more than eight million people and have granted millions of dollars towards optical research and education. Please read more at