Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black Mob Attack on Matthew Owens Caused by Theft, Not Basketball

April 26, 2012 - Matthew Owens was savagely attacked and nearly killed by a group of about 20 black people on Saturday, April 21 in Mobile, Alabama. Previous reports said that Owens, 40, was targeted for brutality after he asked some neighbor kids to keep the noise down as they played basketball around 8:30 p.m. However, a report today on says that Owens's sister tells a different story.

Owens suffered severe head trauma and remains in the hospital. His sister, Ashley Parker, told Daily Caller that one of her own kids saw something being stolen from a neighbor's porch on Delmar Drive. Ms. Parker says that the alleged thief was also one of the people who attacked her brother moments later. From Daily Caller:
Ashley Parker, whose brother Matthew Owens is clinging to life after the assault, said Owens was attacked after her 21-year-old daughter witnessed a group of African-American youth moving from yard to yard in the neighborhood and taking something that didn’t belong to them. She told Owens, who confronted the youths. She “saw one of them take something off a porch,” Parker said, “and that is when Matthew approached them and told them they need to go home.”
Terry Rawls on April 25, 2012. Rawls was arrested for
taking part in the beating of Matthews Owens.
(Press-Register/Victor Calhoun)
After they beat the living hell out Matthew Owens, the mob walked away. One of them called back, "That's justice for Trayvon," a reference to Florida teen Trayvon Martin, fatally shot by George Zimmerman in February. The Owens beating is just one of many vicious and hateful attacks by blacks against non-blacks in the wake of the ongoing Martin-Zimmerman case.

One arrest was made in the case. Terry Rawls, 44, surrendered to Mobile police on Wednesday and was charged with first-degree assault. His bail was set at the remarkably low amount $7,500. Alabama Live reports that "records indicate" that "Rawls is scheduled for a May 10 court appearance."

As noted in our previous report about the Matthew Owens beating, no civil rights "leaders" have bothered to speak out against the obviously racist attacks by blacks. Jonathan Capehart has a short roundup of some of the more notable black-on-white attacks in his column at the Washington Post today.
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