Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yes, I Could Use Your Help Again (Updated)

Update, April 12, 2012: I had a good job interview yesterday. That is, the interviewer was friendly and sent signals that I was in the running to get the job, with a small real estate company here in Chicago that is looking to fill a position quickly. I am, however, now down to $34.00 in my bank account as of this morning, I'm hoping desperately that they hire me. If I passed that first round of interviewing, there will be a second interview before they actually hire me. And so, friends, I am forced by circumstance to again ask for your help. If enough of you each give just one or two dollars it will keep me in food until, hopefully, I get that job... or find another. You can find the handy PayPal Donate Button in the sidebar here, to the right, or click here to giveThanks in advance, and God bless.

Original Post:
It's still a rough job market out there, especially for a 57-year old dude like me (I don't care what Obama's propaganda machine says). And so I ask for your assistance, friends. Please help me to continue publishing  "Chicago News Bench" blog (since 2006). (Your help, of course, will also help to eat!) I am doing my best to keep up even as I continue my long  employment search. The occasional payment for advertising and contributions from good folks like you are all that's kept me going. Click here to make a contribution via PayPalYour help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance, and God bless.