Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unconstitutional Gun Registration in Rockford, IL

March 17, 2012 - The Rockford Tea Party has exposed an unconstitutional gun registration requirement in Rockford, Illinois. They posted the following on their Facebook page today.


Rockford, IL - - Rockford Tea Party finds out about Unconstitutional Firearms Registration
Click to Enlarge - image courtesy of Rockford Tea Party
Since 1995 the City of Rockford has required anyone that wants to purchase a handgun in the city to fill out a registration card at the point of purchase which is sent to the city. The practice has gone unnoticed for the past 17 years, but is being revisited with current atmosphere of interest in government accountability.

“This gun registration law within the City of Rockford must be eliminated without condition. We do not seek to repeal and replace it, we seek to have this unconstitutional violation of our 2nd Amendment rights eliminated completely, said David Hale Rockford Tea Party Coordinator. We are calling on the Rockford City Council and Mayor Morrissey to immediately strike this law/ordinance from the books.”

After 17 years on the books gun crime and violent crime have increased to make Rockford one of the most violent cities in the state. There is no justification for the law in Rockford and City leaders to continue to allow this the law to remain on the books. We are also seeking to have all records and registrations destroyed immediately.

Contact: David Hale

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