Rap Song Urges Race Riots and "Lynch That Cracker" George Zimmerman

Well, isn't this special? A piece of rap crap, inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin, these nice fellows are urging people to "start a riot" and - in reference to Martin's accused killer George Zimmerman - to "lynch that cracker." I wonder if Al Sharpton sings this ditty in the shower?
All black in my hoodie
All black in my hoodie
Strapped up with them AKs
F--k protesters
Let’s start a riot
Fight, let’s start a riot
That's "All Black In My Hoodie." The "artist" is Haitian-born Zoeja Lajan Jean, also known as "Zoeja Jean," who lives in Florida City, Florida.

He just wants justice, justice, MP3 sales, don'tcha know, and more justice even if it means inciting racially charged lynch mobs taking the law into their own murderous hands, starting riots and killing  anyone who gets in their way.

Zoeja Jean hurriedly put out "All Black In My Hoodie," which has got to be one of crappiest pieces of audio manure ever recorded by anybody for any reason in any medium. (Yes, I'm certain that Al Sharpton sings this in the shower.)

But look, surely you can understand that this is frustrating for those want real, vigilante street justice. Where's your sensitivity?

Can you blame Zoeja Jean for these inflammatory lyrics?

If we don’t do s–t
And lynch that cracker
Six months later
They gonna kill another brother

Source: The Black Sphere
A note about "that cracker" line from the lyrics. "Cracker," of course, is a word that some Black people use because, pitifully, they incorrectly think it insults White people. It really doesn't. Most Honkie-Americans just kind of nervously laugh it off when they are called crackers. As Mytheos Holt pointed out in his March 29 article on The Blaze, the "cracker" referred to is most likely George Zimmerman.

"Apparently," wrote Holt, "either the reference to lynching has now been explicitly adopted by Martin’s more violent supporters, or Zoeja Jean has gone off the reservation with this wording. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for this already excessively violent case. Tempers are flaring, and the most irresponsible observers of this tragedy appear to be doing everything they can to encourage that."

I wonder if Obama has downloaded this tune yet. Maybe Sharpton can upload a copy to him.