Exclusive: How Andrew Breitbart Was Murdered!

March 2, 2012 - Late this morning, the LA County Coroner performed an autopsy of Andrew Breitbart's body today. Coroner's Chief Craig Harvey said an  autopsy was ordered for several reasons, reports Culver City Patch, including the fact that "he was under 50 and he was not in the care of a doctor in the past year.'' Harvey said the autopsy was in progress late this morning.

In fact, we won't know the official determination of why Breitbart collapsed and died for weeks. Late today the coroner's office said that the final cause of death has been "deferred" while waiting for the results of toxicological and microscopic tests.

Those tests could take between six and eight weeks.

Regardless of what the official coroner's report ends up saying, conspiracy theories about Breitbart's death will continue. Was Breitbart assassinated by Obama's evil operatives?

Well, of course he was, and here's how the Obama Administration murdered Andrew Breitbart: 
For years, Obama's agent successfully lured Breitbart into working very hard and putting himself under great stress and pressure. They convinced him to not get into better physical shape and to stay a bit overweight. The evil genius assassins in the Obama Regime began this program to kill Andrew Breitbart decades ago, of course, knowing that their plans would cause Breitbart's weakened heart to give out eventually.
Do I know for a fact that Breitbart was NOT assassinated? Well, no, of course not. But do YOU know for a fact that he was? 

Now to get serious: To all of those who are seriously thinking that Andrew Breitbart was assassinated, I respectfully ask you to shut the hell up. Really, just pipe down. You're embarrassing the rest of us. You think Breitbart was murdered? Really? Let's consider: Andrew Breitbart was a workaholic, a bit overweight, under a lot of stress, his own father-in-law says he had a history of heart problems, and in his 40s. He died of a heart attack. Wow, how strange, an out-of-shape man in his 40s dying of a heart attack. That never happens, now, does it? Only 50 percent of males have coronary heart disease by the age of 50, which means that it's so unusual and extremely rare that it just must have been a government conspiracy to murder him, right?

Perhaps you're also the type who is convinced that the moon landings were faked, too. Just please, give it a rest.
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