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Occupy Protesters Violate Gov. Jan Brewer's Civil Rights at American University - College Dems Disown Protesters

This is how leftists excercise their First Amendment rights... by shutting down and violating the First Amendment rights of others. Protesters shut down a guest speaking appearing by Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer at American University in Washington, D.C. on Friday, February 24, 2012. Many of the protesters were members of "Occupy AU." Security guards had to protect Gov. Brewer as she left the room.

Please see a note about the headline at the end of this post.

Protesters chanted the idiotic mantra "No one is illegal" in reaction to Arizona's recently reformed and controversial  immigration law, specifically Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 (2010). The speaking event was sponsored by the AU College Republicans.

An excellent video report (left) by Michael Conte for American University's American Television (ATV) gives a good summary of what happened.  ATV is the student-run television station at AU.

The second video here has this description on YouTube:  "The American University College Republicans hosted Arizona Governor Jan Brewer at American University on Friday February 24. Gov. Brewer spoke for 15 minutes before a group of student protestors interrupted her, prompting her to be ushered off by security during the Q&A session."

The AU College Republicans issued a statement in the form of an op-ed published in The Eagle on February 27.

Here are some excerpts from the AUCR statement:

"Many AU students might fervently disagree with Gov. Brewer, but 57 percent of Arizona citizens favor the controversial SB 1070, and Gov. Brewer’s views are in line with the mainstream of the Republican Party. Does this mean that the College Republicans should not bring any speakers to campus who fit our values, but disagree with the prevailing campus orthodoxy? Do we really deserve to be treated unfairly because people disagree with us?

"....To those who support our right to host our events and speak our minds, we thank you and applaud your courage in standing for your principles. This is not to be construed as a general statement against protesting, which is a legitimate political tool. However, we believe that respect and basic decency call for protesting to be done in a way that allows us to continue our event.

"The actions of the protesters Friday night threatened the reputation of American University; they threatened the way that potential future speakers view our campus; and, most importantly, they threatened the very fabric of civil discourse on campus. We don’t expect everyone to agree with the policy leaders we bring to campus, but we do think everyone on campus ought to be treated with respect."

To their credit, the AU College Democrats publicly disapproved of the way in which Gov. Brewer's civil rights were violated.

The AUCD published a statement on their website on Feb. 27, in which they said, "Despite the divergent views of the AU College Democrats and Governor Brewer, we want to make it clear that the AU College Democrats had no role in organizing or orchestrating the protest at Governor Brewer’s event on Friday.  As an organization that brings speakers to campus on a regular basis, we do not condone the actions of the students who protested Governor Brewer, nor do we support them. We understand that Governor Brewer took time out of her schedule to come to our campus and as such should have been shown a much greater amount of respect than was shown."

By interrupting Gov. Brewer's speech, the protesters violated not only her civil rights but also those of the people who came to hear what she had to say. "Civil rights" include, but are not limited to, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment. If they don't like what you have to say, the leftists will do what they can to prevent you from saying it, and prevent anyone else from hearing it. The leftists, time and again, prove that they have no interest in a free exchange of ideas or of engaging in real dialog.

The phrase "No one is illegal" refers to the phrase "illegal immigrant" or "illegal alien." The open borders traitors often say that "nobody is illegal, just undocumented," but the same idiots would not say that a hunter shooting deer out of season is not an "illegal hunter." The expression "No one is illegal" is intentionally misleading wordplay: Nobody who uses the phrase "illegal immigrant" means that the immigrant in question is a illegally human. It means that they are a human who has committed illegal activity. (Does this really need explanation?)

One definition of "illegal immigrant" is found at The Free Dictionary: "illegal immigrant n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa." So, which part of "illegal" do the leftists want us to ignore?

Note: The original headline to this post was "Occupy Scum Violate Gov. Jan Brewer's Civil Rights at American University - College Dems Disown Protesters." One of my dear friends, who happens to be a liberal (yes, I have liberal friends!) objected to the word "scum." I explained to her that I was referring specifically to those who interruputed Gov. Brewer's speech inside the room, and not to those who were peacefully protesting outside.
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