Friday, February 10, 2012

Occupy CPAC Fails To Occupy CPAC (LOL)

February 10, 2012 - Occupy protesters could not live up to the name of their own movement today when they could not occupy CPAC - or anything else in Washington, D.C. They came. They saw. They failed. Occupy protesters.  Neil Stevens of RedState is in the nation's capitol today and posted an amusing diary entry this evening.

The occupiers, says Stevens, "can’t even manage to occupy anything. They can’t even execute their strategy, let alone see it through to policy results. That’s what happened tonight when they tried to Occupy CPAC. They failed, badly."
Image source: Talking Points Memo
It's not as though they didn't have enough foot soldiers on the ground. Around 2:30 PM ET, they had approximately 600 to 1,000 goons marching to Wardman Park to disrupt CPAC. Were the rank and file even dumber than the average Occupy crowd? Or, perhaps, did the labor union leaders somehow lose control, like poor generals with ill-trained troops?

The simplest explanation seems to be that Occupy's ground invasion simply petered out. They were out numbered and out maneuvered by the D.C. police force. Stevens hints at this when he recalls what happened when some Occupy vermin tried to enter the Marriott through a rear entrance.

"Then the police came in strength," recalls Stevens, "including some officers from the Truancy Division. Yes, these kiddies got pushed back, and then a wall of looked to be about 10 cops, backed by about what looked like a dozen cars and vans, blocked the driveway, keeping the occupiers out."

The Washington Post tells a similar tale: "The protesters, including representatives from the Teamsters and United Auto Workers, erected giant tents on the sidewalk as well as a one-story inflatable designed to resemble a 'fat cat'. But District police and hotel security maintained a heavy presence, largely keeping protesters confined to the sidewalk. About 12:30 pm, dozens of protesters suddenly marched up to driveway toward the door of the hotel, but police cars and officers quickly formed a barrier preventing them from entering." 

Apparently, the UAW's inflatable 'fat cat' was not a good substitute for a couple of competent protest organizers who could handle the logistics of street battle.

Fox News refers to this in a story that has the unfortunately absurd headline "Violence at Gates of CPAC." That headline gives the impression that blood flowed and limbs were lopped off. The article is so brief that I'll quote the whole thing:
"On day two of the Conservative Political Action Conference, Occupy DC created a few disturbances. A group of several hundred protesters tried to advance on the Marriott Wardman Park hotel, but were turned away by police, who also threatened to arrest Slate’s Dave Weigel. A bit later, a group of about 20 Occupiers managed to crash the hotel, chanting “We are the 99%!”. They were quickly removed by police and hotel security."
Ridiculous. Fox should be ashamed of that headline, which has the ironic and probably unintended effect of making the Occupy nutters' efforts seem more powerful than they really were.

According to Michael Francis at, the Occupy crowd was tiny by the time they tried to enter the Marriott:  "A whopping 70 people showed up at the Marriott Wardman Park today," Francis wrote, "to protest at CPAC as Occupy DC," he posted this evening. "The police cordoned off the protesters away from the hotel, while also forcing off conference attendees who were outside observing the circus. I use the word circus because of the amusement generated by both conference attendees and local observers, at the tiny nature of the protest."

"Apparently," Francis says, "the AFL-CIO and OccupyDC planners couldn’t get enough people lined up to do anything more than be full of sound and fury, signifying absolutely nothing. The police, who outnumbered the protesters in attendance, took no chance in keeping plenty of space between the OccupyDC protesters and the CPAC attendees. Still it was hilarious in the end."

A number of the Occupy "protesters" today were paid $60.00 by a local union just to show up and be counted. Apparently, the sixty bucks was not enough to make the mercenaries willing to risk arrest or injury in the invasion of the Marriott. Or, perhaps, it was just enough to cause them to pause for adult refreshments somewhere en route to the party that fizzled.
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