Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obama Caught Buying Cigarettes (Video)

In this video (below), the President of the United States buys a pack of cigarettes in a small independent grocery. The purchase was caught on the store's security cameras. A Secret Service agent walks into a little convenience store, checks it out for safety. The agent then whispers something inaudible to the clerk, and the clerk says, "Here? Okay." The agent then signals that it's okay for Obama to enter, and in walks Barack Obama. He waves at the clerk.

"How are you?" says Barack to the clerk. Obama then grabs a few small items and brings them to the register, where he then asks for "cheese puffs, oh and some nuts, and uhm, cigarettes." The clerk asks him,  "What kind?" Obama says, "Ah, I'll take the reds." (That's Marlboro for you nonsmokers.)

As the clerk reaches for the cigarettes, Obama says, "Ah, that one with the coupon. Thank you." The clerk totals up the purchase. "Eleven thirteen," he tells Obama, who then points to the Secret Service agent .  The agent dutifully pulls out his own money and pays the clerk.

Now, I don't know if this is real or not, but I suspect it's a spoof. But damn, if is a spoof, this is the most convincing Obama impersonator I've ever seen. Great stuff, and as a bonus the video below this one shows Obama smoking at a press conference.

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