Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Boinking a Robot Adultery, Or Just Creepy?

 (from video by asylumchannel)
Here is Reason #973 Why Western Civilization Will Fall Soon: Intimate relations with inanimate objects.

Let me clarify that: Non-living objects. These objects are actually animated. I mean, they move and do things, but they're not alive. Not really.

They're robots, you see, and they're kind of hot extremely creepy, to be honest. I've said too much already, and I risk pissing off some of my advertisers, so I'll just refer you to a highly informative and titillating post at The Anorak.

As for the ladies, uhm, robots, you can see them at the website. They're the sweaty-palmed oddballs who make these things. If you're up for it, you can get a sick, weird feeling by watching the video here.

Gad, how much of pitiful loser do you have to be to do it with a frigging robot?