Sunday, February 12, 2012

Idiot U.S. Navy Official Blabs About Prepping For War With Iran

Vice Adm. Mark Fox
February 12, 2012 - As if we haven't had an abundance of security leaks from low-ranking aides and bureaucrats over the years, all gleefully published by the fifth column mouthpiece mainstream media, along comes this imbecile: Vice Admiral Mark Fox, commander of the 5th Fleet. Adm. Fox is flapping his loose lips about U.S. military preparedness for any possible conflict with Iran.

ABC News is running an AP story today that Fox, who is the top U.S. Navy official in the Persian Gulf and commander of the 5th Fleet, "said Sunday he takes Iran's military capabilities seriously but insists his forces are prepared to confront any Iranian aggression in the region."

That's good to know, I suppose. Fox, reports AP, spoke at the naval force's Bahrain headquarters that the Navy has "'built a wide range of potential options to give the president' and is 'ready today' to confront any hostile action by Tehran."

What the hell? Why are we broadcasting our battle readiness status? It gets worse...

"He did not outline specifically how the Navy might answer an Iranian strike," the AP report says, "or an effort to shut the entrance to the Persian Gulf, though any response would likely involve the two U.S. aircraft carriers and other warships cruising the waters off Iran." (That's my emphasis added.)

Adm. Fox told reporters that the U.S. Navy attempt to stop Iranian from putting mines in the Strait of Hormuz or Persian Gulf as an “act of war” the international community wouldn’t tolerate, the U.S. Navy’s top Gulf commander said, according to a Bloomberg report.

WHY is the commander of the 5th Fleet saying this? First of all, you always want to keep your foes in the dark regarding what capabilities you would bring to a fight. Secondly, this kind of talk could be seen as provocative by Iran. Unless we want to fight them, why piss them off any more than we need to?

"We've developed very precise and lethal weapons that are very effective, and we're prepared," Fox said. "We're just ready for any contingency."

Good to know, Admiral. Now shut your big mouth..
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