Friday, February 10, 2012

Crowder Gets Funky With New Video, 'Mr. America!! (By Powdered Zombies)'

It's not every day that you get to see guys dressed in 1770's period clothing mixing it up rap style. Conservative comedian Steven Crowder must share my love of that kind of thing. After all, he just released "Mr. America!! (By Powdered Zombies)," a video that disses the way Washington has handled things lately. Watch the video below.

The lyrics are clever. Here's a sample:

Steven Crowder, sans wig
With all this money afly you gon' be needin' a big freeze
I hate the size of the fed like Jesus hated the fig tree
As spending goes up, you gotta borrow some more
Borrowin' from the chinese, Oh My lord

Instead you just tax more, increasin' the size
Of the federal government yeah to George's surprise
You'll be done like Detroit man, no You ain't comin' back
Forget it, I'm out, I'm muzzle loading my gat

I especially like the part in the video when Crowder mentions "knickers," but I won't spoil that moment for you. Watch it now: