Sunday, January 8, 2012

What's For Dinner? Serve Up Family Memories With Your Own Unique Family Recipe Book

My mother was a great cook. Nearly 19 years after she passed away, I still have fond memories of the special dishes she would whip up for our family. Some were simple, others elaborate, all treasured.

Like many people, my mother wrote down her recipes on index cards. Unfortunately, I lost them in the 1994 Northridge earthquake in L.A. There is no way to recover them; they are lost forever.

If she had been able to turned her recipes into a book with the Great Family Cookbook ProjectI would still be able to access those flavorful memories online.

Save your recipes for those you love with this easy, fun and affordable way to create and print your own full-color family cookbook.

It's a beautiful way to preserve mealtime traditions for future generations. Share it with family and friends. You could even turn this into a project for your church or organization by inviting other people to contribute recipes!

Once the recipes are preserved online, they can be shared with other family members by email, individual printed recipes or your own professionally printed cookbook.

  • Create a full color family cookbook – it’s easy and fun! 
  • Invite family and friends to enter recipes and stories (you don’t have to do all the work!)
  • It’s a family heirloom that will be treasured for generations
  • Great for family reunions, wedding gifts and groups
  • Works great on PCs, Macs and iPads
  • Choose recipe layouts, covers, dividers and more (1000s of combinations)
  • Upload your own photos for recipes, covers & dividers, too
  • Print to your PC, a local printer like Kinko’s or have our professional team print for you
  • Have a Kindle or iPad? You can put your cookbook on that, too!
  • the fine print
Visit their website for more details!