Saturday, January 21, 2012

UPDATE 2: Current Numbers in South Carolina Republican Primary (Developing)

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January 21, 2012 -   This is according to the South Carolina State Election Commission (SCEC) website.  

Ballots cast: 249,862 (of 2,804,231 registered voters); turnout: 8.91 %. 
Gingrich: 39.35% (97,995 votes)
Romney: 28.39% (70,707 votes)
Santorum: 17.54% (43,675 votes)

Earlier: According to the SCEC, only 436 of 2,129 precincts have "completely reported." That's only 20.48% of precincts reporting as of 9:00 PM ET. SCEC reports that only 133,721 votes were cast, which is a voter turnout of 4.77% of the 2,804,231 registered voters in South Carolina.

9:00 PM ET - The Republican primary results are still coming in, and there is NO official winner yet, despite what the media are saying. As of 8:55 PM ET, Newt Gingrich has 32,982 votes counted (39.32 %) in today's South Carolina Republican primary election. Mitt Romney now has 27,726 votes (27.27%).

(Also see our earlier report.)
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