Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney Wins NH Primary, Ron Paul Places Second (Final Results)

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January 10, 2012 - RINO Mitt Romney, the guy who thinks a healthcare mandate "is conservative," won the Republican primary election in New Hampshire tonight.

Final New Hampshire Republican Primary Results 2012
Source: uselectionatlas.org
CandidateVotesVote %DelegatesDelegates %
Mitt Romney95,66939.38%758.3
Ron Paul55,45522.83325.0
Jon Huntsman40,90316.84216.7
Newt Gingrich22,9219.4300
Rick Santorum22,7089.3500
Rick Perry1,7090.7000
Other Candidates1,2070.5000
Buddy Roemer9190.3800

Associated Press report this: Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, adding to a first-place finish in last week's Iowa caucuses and establishing himself as the man to beat for the Republican presidential nomination. Ron Paul finished second, with Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum trailing.... With his victory, Romney became the first Republican to sweep the first two contests in competitive races since Iowa gained the lead-off spot in presidential campaigns in 1976.  

As of 9:31 PM ET, 153 of the 301 (51%) New Hampshire precincts had reported. Romney had 37% of the reported votes, with Ron Paul taking 23% so far. (The counting continues at this time; see WMUR.com for updates throughout the night.) Huntsman, at this time, is ahead of Gingrich by 17% to 10% of the votes counted so far. Both Buddy Roemer and Vermin Supreme, for those of you who follow such things, each had 0%.

That's right, the voters in New Hampshire settled for squishy, left-leaning "Republican" Romney. In fact, the best damned headline of the night comes from the (ugh!) Huffington Post. "New Hampshire Primary Election Results 2012: Mitt Romney, The Man They're Settling For."  Well, we can rest assured that our second worst president ever, Jimmy Carter, is happy tonight. 

After all, Carter endorsed Romney in September, 2011. A  report about that in The Washington Times hit the nail on the head: "In an interview with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, Carter said that he would be “very pleased to see him win the Republican nomination.” For a presidential candidate trying to win over conservative Republicans, this endorsement is a telling sign of what kind of president he would be."  We are so doomed.
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