Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Incredibly Dumb Meghan McCain: Perfect for MSNBC

English: Meghan McCain at UC Berkeley.Image via Wikipedia MSNBC is appropriately called "MSLSD" by conservative talker Mark Levin. There are many reasons that Levin's derisive renaming of the cable network is appropriate. After all, watching MSNBC is - I'm told - not so different than an acid trip, in which reality is distorted and the unreal seems real.

The left-leaning network has yet another reason to be compared to a bad hallucinatory experience: Arizona Senator John McCain's daughter, Meghan. She's a "contributor" to MSNBC. Like her father, she calls herself a Republican. We know better, however. While she's easy on the eyes, she tends to make our brains hurt.

Ms. McCain shows her innate stupidity in a multitude of ways, and The Daily Caller was kind enough to bring two of them to our attention recently.  During a Monday, January 9 guest appearance on MSNBC she said the Obamas deserve some privacy like anyone else. McCain said Barack Obama deserves a “small emoticon of privacy.” She said as much Monday in a morning MSNBC appearance:

"Emoticon of privacy?" An emoticon is "a textual expression representing the face of a writer's mood or facial expression. For example, :), :(, and :D. They are often used to alert a responder to the tenor or temper of a statement, and can change and improve interpretation of plain text" according to She probably meant to use the word "modicum," which means "a small portion : a limited quantity."

McCain was quickly mocked for her misuse of "emoticon" and she defended herself with this on Twitter: “Thanks everyone, was talking quickly and said ModiCOM instead of ModiCUM this morning. Thanks for obsessing over my every waking word."

Meghan McCain apparently did not review the tape in which she clearly said "emoticon" at least twice. Even her defense was flubbed. She gets some credit from us, though, for correctly using the word "obsessing."  The Daily Caller points out yet another Meghan McCain MSLSD moment in which she said that Michele Bachmann is "just more smarter" than Sarah Palin. "More smarter," of course, is lousy grammar, even by MSNBC standards. You can see that video here.
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