Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Newt Gingrich, How Do You Say 'Douchebag' En Espanol?

January 16, 2012 - Newt Gingrich recently released a campaign video (left) that actually attacks Mitt Romney for his ability to speak French.

Gingrich wants people to think that Romney is like liberal Senator John Kerry (D-MA) and like Comrade Barack Obama just for having a foreign language skill, which is ridiculous.

The hypocritical Gingrich doesn't think, however, that his own ability to speak Spanish (badly) makes him "like Obama," who also has the ability to speak Spanish (badly). Watch Gingrich do what uber-liberal Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy used to do in the video below.

In fact, Gingrich's hypocrisy is breathtaking: He holds a doctorate in European history from Tulane University. To really drive home the idiocy of Gingrich's attack ad is the fact that Gingrich himself is apparently fluent in French.

While he's quick to question the patriotism of Mitt Romney (of whom I am NOT a supporter), Gingrich has sloppily pandered to Spanish-speaking voters en Espanol.

Gingrich's attack ad says of Romney,And just like John Kerry, he speaks French, too.”  Well, parlez vous "douche bag," Monsieur Gingrich?

John KerryJohn Kerry (via, I speak French (badly), and I'm more conservative than Gingrich. What the hell is wrong with Gingrich, making a video as stupid as this one? How ignorant and stupid does he hope conservative voters are? There are many legitimate things for which to criticize Romney, so why is Gingrich stooping to such a sophomoric issue to single out?

The whole sordid attack by Gingrich is as absurd as the recent attack video by Ron Paul supporters of  John Huntsman for his ability to speak Mandarin Chinese fluently. (Huntsman dropped out of the Republican presidential race today.)

Obama uses a fork when he eats, and I sure Romney and Gingrich do too, but I don't think that this commonality makes them philosophically similar. Gingrich has shown throughout this campaign that he's a mean-spirited person, and a hypocrite to boot.
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