Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mark Oxner's Campaign Video Shows Obama as Crazy Ship Captain, Alan Grayson as his Parrot

UPDATED January 27, 2012 - Facebook banned Oxner's ad for this video shortly after we posted this at 12:50 PM CT on Wednesday, January 25. See that full update here: Banned By Facebook: Mark Oxner's "Ship of Fools" Campaign Video! 

January 25, 2012 - There are a lot of badly made campaign videos out there, but now and then one comes along that can only be called brilliant. Congressional candidate Mark Oxner (Republican) has released one of those. It was released last night.

It's titled "Turn This Ship Around: Mark Oxner For Congress" (watch below). Oxner, 40, is running in Florida's new 27th Congressional District against uber-liberal, former Congressman Alan Grayson (Democrat).

The video not only slams Grayson, but also Barack Obama. It depicts Obama as the demented captain of ship about to sail over a deadly waterfall. Grayson is accurately portrayed as Obama's faithful parrot.

For those who might thing Oxner's video is unfairly harsh, it would be fitting now to remind you that Grayson compared Daniel Webster, his Republican challenger in 2010, to the Taliban. A Grayson campaign video called Webster a "religious fanatic" and accused him of being "anti-woman." Grayson was heavily criticized by Florida media for going too far in his criticism, and many voters felt the same: Webster beat Grayson in the 2010 race for Florida's old 8th District.

Grayson is known for his outrageous and often deliberately false statements. In 2009 Grayson said that Republicans "want you to die quickly" (see video, left).