Friday, January 27, 2012

Banned By Facebook: Mark Oxner's "Ship of Fools" Campaign Video!

This ad was banned by Facebook
when liberals complained
January 27, 2012 - On Wednesday of this week, we noted that Congressional candidate Mark Oxner (Republican) released a video on Tuesday "depicting Obama as the demented captain of ship about to sail over a deadly waterfall. Grayson is accurately portrayed as Obama's faithful parrot." Oxner, 40, is running in Florida's new 27th Congressional District against uber-liberal Alan Grayson (Democrat).

The title of the video is ""Turn This Ship Around: Mark Oxner For Congress."

On Wednesday, however, the squeamish, gutless Facebook banned Oxner's ads for the video, which the Oxner campaign posted on YouTube. His campaign website says that "One of the ads to promote Mark Oxner's first campaign video....was banned [on Wednesday] on Facebook. (See Oxner's full statement below; also see Mark Oxner's page on Facebook.) 

Fleming and Hayes noted that while "this might seem somewhat conspiratorial in nature, one must take into account the sheer number of Obama donors that work for the company. While Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s support for Obama is well documented in the media, Facebook’s employees have donated tens of thousands of dollars to Obama in both the 2008 and 2012 election cycles. Is it that much of a stretch to think they have a vested interest in keeping both Obama and his friends in power?"

It's a good point made by Fleming and Hayes. Consider: If Alan Grayson had an ad on Facebook pointing to an anti-Mark Oxner campaign video, would Facebook even consider banning it if it received complaints from conservatives?

Here is the entire text of the Oxner post on his website:

One of the ads to promote Mark Oxner's first campaign video, "Turn This Ship Around," was banned yesterday on Facebook. Here is the graphic and text for it...

"We already have Captain Crazy. Don't add Alan Grayson to the crew. Support Mark Oxner for Congress. (R) FL-27 WATCH THE MUST SEE VIDEO!"

This pointed to our web video called Turn This Ship Around. Mark truly believes that the spending by President Obama and his former enabler Alan Grayson (on corporate subsidies, Obamacare, bailouts and more) are enslaving our children and grand children with stifling debt. This is a message that statists would rather not hear: sure, your "free" healthcare or bank bailout sounds good, until you ask how it's paid for. But as President Obama says in the video, "No questions on this ship!"

This message enrages statists.

Apparently Facebook feels the same way.

Our campaign ad promoting the video was reviewed, approved, and ran. Because it was hard hitting, Obama supporters complained and the ad was temporarily pulled by Facebook for re-review. It was re-approved and began to run again. So statists re-complained and it was pulled AGAIN! After re-re-review the ad was again approved and started running again.

On the fourth review, Facebook finally disapproved the ad and refuses to run it claiming that it violates their rules on images regarding political issues. Of course, none of us have seen ads on Facebook with negative images of Republicans, have we? The odd thing is that we have four other identical ads running on Facebook that they and the Obama for America PAC have no problem with. Same ad. Same image. No problem.

So what's the problem?

Perhaps it's a mix of ideology and poor business practices. We targeted the ad five different ways. The one they banned is getting tens of thousands of more impressions than the other ads. It's getting thousands of more click throughs and the Cost Per Click is less than half of the other ads we are running.

Conservative Republicans are learning how to effectively use Social Media and it is scaring OFA and their statist enablers on Facebook.

Click here to watch the video that OFA and Facebook doesn't want you to see.