Monday, December 12, 2011

I Poo'd In Space: BLR's New Parody of Rick Perry's "Strong" Video - Plus More!

The comedic geniuses at Bad Lip Reading (BLR) have done it again. Known for their hilarious, nonsensical vocal dubs over candidates' real videos, they've taken Texas Governor Rick Perry's "Strong" campaign video and made it even funnier than the original.

The original (left) is also known as his "war on religion" video. Many see the video as an attack on gays in the military. Others like it for advocating that children be allowed to pray in public schools. Watch the parody and the original below. BLR's parody is below. It is not the only parody of the "Strong" video, however....

The Perry "Strong" video caused such a controversy that it naturally also inspired many parodies. I'd say that BLR's is the best, but there are some other goods ones too.

My only criteria for "good," in this case, is that makes me laugh and it doesn't attack Perry viciously. BLR is good at poking fun at politicians without turning it into a personal attack. In fact, they keep their parodies non-political, which makes them appealing to everyone.

Some say that Perry's campaign ad went too far in the way he dissed gays in the military. Other people say he seems overly concerned about prayer in school. Time will tell whether the ad is a political smart one. How voters react to it is yet to be fully understood. Whether or not this video works for Perry's campaign, one thing is for certain: Rick Perry has made a valuable contribution to the realm of Internet humor videos.

Here's one, above, that meets my criteria: Perry's words are repeated in a stereotypical gay man's voice. For more parodies of Rick Perry's video, just go to YouTube and search for "rick perry strong." While you're there, check out BLR's own YouTube channel.
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