Sunday, November 6, 2011

Patriotic Ties, American Made for Liberty Lovers

A good friend and fellow patriot named Forrest (left) recently launched a new line of really cool, fashionable neckties with an all-American theme. The fledgling company is called "Libertate," which he and his partners point out is "not just a brand." No sir, "it's a movement."

"We started a clothing brand," says the Libertate website, "to embrace what we love about America; liberty, freedom, and you. Our low-volume exclusive designs integrate the multi-colored fabric of America as inspiration and give it a kick with a modern edge. It's our way of saying we believe in our founding ideals and proudly stand for them today."

All of their ties are made in the USA with handmade designs "conceptualized from people of like mind, then cut, sewn, screened, and hand-wrapped with care, right here in the great city of Chicago. While other companies churn out large quantities for the masses, we do the opposite so that you have something unique, made with passion and soul."

True dedication requires sacrifice, and Libertate does it happily: They donate 5% of their proceeds to "liberty organizations we believe make a positive difference."

This group of young entrepreneurs is doing its part to make a small business successful, employ some fellow Americans, and help our economy to recover. I hope you consider that before you by a tie made in another country ever again.

Check out the nicely done Libertate website and select a few ties for truly unique Christmas gifts this season. Get a couple for yourself, while you're at it.