Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Exclusive: Michele Bachmann Plans Wardrobe Adjustment

October 19, 2011 - Las Vegas - In an effort to be taken more seriously, Michele Bachman will be changing her wardrobe. Bachmann sported a "cruise ship captain" look (right) on stage at the October 18th GOP Candidates Pseudodebate on CNN. The change was fought for by Bachmann Campaign staffers immediately after tonight's Republican candidates debate in Las Vegas. Here (below) is an artist's rendition (mine) of how she plans to dress in the future. Some of Bachmann's private campaign pollsters say that she is not being taken seriously by a many potential voters, and her wardrobe is the main culprit. According to one of her polling staff, who requested anonymity, "She always looks like she's dressed for a cocktail party." The staffer added, "Some of us thought her outfit tonight was more appropriate for a cameo on 'The Love Boat' than for a debate between candidates for the Republican Party's presidential nominee." "We're not saying that she has to tone down her feminity," said another nameless staffer, "but if she wants to be one of the boys, would it kill her to dress the part?"