Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hundreds of Liberals Protest Obama's Birthday Bash in Chicago

Uptown, Chicago - On Wednesday, August 3, as many as 300 liberals demonstrated their displeasure with President Obama. They did so in Uptown, a far north neighborhood of Chicago along the shoreline of Lake Michigan. My good friend John Ruberry covered the unhappy campers in Uptown in his post, "Leftists protest Obama at 50th birthday party fundraiser in Chicago."

I lived in Uptown for two years, from late 2008 to late 2010, about two blocks from the Aragon. That's where the Obama birthday bash was held. Uptown is one of the most violent neighborhoods on Chicago's north side (as I have reported many times here on Chicago News Bench). I have personally photographed more than one murder scenes within a few blocks of the Aragon over the past three years (see here and here and here).

The protesters listed many reasons for being unhappy with Obama, as seen on their homemade signs. One reason for them to be unhappy with Obama, however, was apparently missing: He is one of the least "green" presidents we've had to suffer. As with so many of his lavish trips, Obama and his birthday entourage left a big fat carbon footprint. "Hypocrites," says the National Review, in their post titled "Trying to Add Up the Carbon Footprint of Obama’s Birthday Bashes."

The Aragon, by the way, did not turn a single light out for Earth Hour last year.