Friday, July 15, 2011

Update From Homeless Patriot, Trying To Get Some Sleep

The Homeless Patriot (a.k.a. me) updates us on his (my) travails and discoveries about sleeping on a bus stop bench in Madison, a quieter environment, late night partying and psycho killers. Here's an excerpt: I tried to use the bench as a bed because I missed last night's 10:30 cut off time for admission to the shelter I was sleeping in. I chose the bench at 3:00 this morning, after the partying on State Street died down. As I wrote above, there's an up side to all of this: I was more comfortable on that bench than I was in a narrow bunk bed at the shelter. Being outside, the air was fresh and clean. In Chicago, I would have been hearing sirens often. I did not hear a siren once, and since I arrived in Madison on Monday I have heard fewer sirens than I usually heard in Chicago in an hour. Read the whole post at Homeless Patriot...