Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Green Liberals at UW-Madison Should Turn Off Air Conditioners

July 20, 2011 - Madison, WI - Wisconsin's capitol city and liberal haven is broiling in a major heat wave this week, along with much of the United States. As would be expected, this has raised the demand for electricity, mostly due to increased use of air conditioning systems. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is having an especially hard time. As reported by WISC-TV in Madison, "About 40 buildings across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus continue to be affected by air conditioning problems on Tuesday after failures at several power plants." A UW official, says WISC, said that "as air-conditioning demand continues to outpace supply. Update, July 21, 2011: New All-time Record for Power Demand - WMTV (The liberals just can't live without their a/c! What, you think all the power demand is from evil Republicans?) The Journal-Sentinel Online has a story yesterday about record power usage in Madison. Imagine all those uber liberals cranking up their air conditioners. Do you think they slept better in drier, cooler air? Or did they lose sleep because they felt guilty about contributing to global warming? There's a sweet irony to all of this increased sweating on the UW campus. The vast majority of those sweating, I'm willing to bet, are liberals who devoutly believe in Al Gore's discredited doctrine of Global Warming. Ergo, they are the type of people who for years have been lecturing us about "going green" and using less electricity. This includes not only students, but much of the faculty and staff. They're all sweating this week, and they're all hypocritically wishing that the university can quickly restore the air conditioning on campus. I say, Let them sweat. Give them the chance to live without hypocrisy and in swelting heat. It's only natural, isn't it? And isn't being as close to nature as possible a big part of being "green?" You betcha. The University of Wisconsin should just turn off the entire cooling system. Seriously: Think about how un-green it is to run a gargantuan cooling system for nearly a hundred buildings on a 40,000 student campus. Some of the people I hope are sweating the most are the "climate change/global warming" media experts employed by UW-Madison. You can see them by clicking here. The ones I want to really sweat the most, however, are the global warming freaks at and the Al Gore drones over at You just know they're all maxing out their a/c this week, even as they plan new ways to tell us how naughty we are for still using incandescent light bulbs. Perhaps I should be a little easier on the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After all, they're not exactly the greenest school around. "Despite accolades for three other University of Wisconsin campuses," reported the Badger-Herald, "UW-Madison was not included in a list of the country’s top green college campuses according to a Princeton Review report" that was released in April, 2010. "Although the list included Wisconsin institutions such as UW-Oshkosh, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Stevens Point, UW was not among the top 286 chosen for the guide to display." This just tells me that despite their preaching and posing, the UW-Madison leadership does not practice the green ways that it preaches. Turn up the heat, then, and let 'em sweat. Full disclosure: I am an alumnus of the UW-Madison (B.A. Journalims, 1977). I am also a conservative who believes that the Sun is hot and can actually affect Earth's temperatures.