Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Funding The Arts With Tax Dollars Is Wasteful

June 9, 2011 - The short video below examines the idiocy of publicy funding "art," especially in this bad economy. "A few weeks back," writes ReasonTV, the producer of the video, "Hollywood movie stars and groups such as the Creative Coalition stormed Washington, D.C. to lobby for increased taxpayer funding of the arts. Most memorably, Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey told Hardball's Chris Matthew that Abraham Lincoln was a huge theater fan who 'understood that he needed the arts to replenish his soul'." As ReasonTV pointed out, Spacey didn't mention that Lincoln was killed by a crazed actor in a theater, while the president's soul was supposedly being replenished. They did, however, provide three good reasons why funding the arts with taxapayer dollars is a bad idea. Those reasons are listed below this video.
1. Publicly financed art is easily censored art 2. We're broke 3. It's unnecessary You can read the details of these three good reasons to not fund public art at ReasonTV's website.