Monday, June 20, 2011

Still More Thievery at (Mr. Pinko Is Righteously Pissed)

There's something rotten over at, and it's called "Star53." "Mr. Pinko" (not his real name) at, is one of the many supremely talented folks at iOTW. Like other with his level of talen, he is ripped off frequently by talentless hacks and outright thieves who use his art without attribution to him. Mr. Pinko is righteously pissed. On June 19, 2011, Mr. Pinko wrote about one of those talentless thieving hacks. Some a-hole called "Star53" posts regularly over at, and he's ripped off Mr. Pinko (along with another iOTW superstar, "Big Fur Hat." See "Thievery At")
Here is what Mr. Pinko wrote Star53 on, reproduced below in part (ADVISORY for LANGUAGE): I’m ecstatically honored that you would take my video and rebroadcast it on WHATEVER it TAKES to get the message out there – I THANK EVERYONE. I was so very thrilled to see in a comment on that the Sarah Palin video was being rebroadcast on LiveLeaks and I couldn’t wait to see the HONOR! BUT!!! and it’s a HUGE BUT!!!! Why would you fucking EDIT OUT BRANDING and CREDIT in the BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO and THE END!?? WHY WOULD YOU FUCKING DO THAT?! Why would you take the CREDIT of MY HARD WORK AWAY FROM ME?!! You did it to TWO VIDEOS that I fucking created! Spooky Dude and Mr. Pinko presents: The Ultimate SARAH PALIN is a MORON video. Do you want to continue? What you did SUPPORTS the stupid notion of SOCIALISM. No RESPECT for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. You pulled the credits off of BigFurHat’s Obama as Arafat artwork. You cut the credits off of IronyCurtain’s Green Fakers. Why would you fucking do that? You’re an asshole scumbag DOUCHE’ BAG!!! You’re not supporting us, you are just STEALING plain and simple. I’m more than happy to allow ANYONE to take my work and pass it on, rebroadcast – put on it your websites, blogs, YouTube Channels, etc… as long as you LEAVE THE FUCKING CREDITS ON THE WORK! THANK YOU! Anyone registered on LiveLeaks please leave a comment on this thief’s channel.Thank you!
There's more: Read the rest of Mr. Pinko's post at has removed the offending post by Star53, but LiveLeaks only did it because they were busted. The problem with sites like LiveLeaks is that they allow jackasses to post without any editorial control. So is LiveLeaks absolved? No, they just covered their asses in this one case because iOTW was able to bring enormous reader pressure down on them. How many other writers and artists have been ripped off by, and will continue to be?