Monday, June 20, 2011

Monthly "Appazine" Delivers In-Depth Journalism To iPads

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ringier Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you're a person on the go who needs to keep abreast of trends and current events, the clever folks at Swiss media giant Ringier AG have an app for you. Simply called "the collection," the app turns your iPad into a content-rich magazine that examines issues of global interest. It's a magazine and a tablet-only app, hence the term "appazine." Get it? A "mono-thematic tablet magazine," then, is a digital magazine ("appazine") made only for a tablet such as the iPad, which covers a single news topic in-depth per issue.

The collection just released its second monthly digital issue, titled "The Global Baby." It investigates the "manifold challenges facing human reproduction," employing journalism, photography and videos, "as well as a vast array of gripping multi-media effects." The appazine follows a Phoenix, Arizona couple and their surrogate through the city of Mumbai, India.

You can preview "The Global Baby" and this amazing app at their website. While you're there, you can do a quick and easy download of the app to start reading about this important topic immediately.

Infertility levels have been rising around the world, and so the reproductive technologies are a hot topic currently - and will be for a long time. "The Global Baby" zeroes in on the subject, including "a comprehensive historical, clinical and ethical survey of the state of reproductive technologies." The collection presents its findings on the current state of reproductive tech, and looks ahead at future trends, from both medical and societal viewpoints.

As an international media company, Ringier is able to draw from a large talent pool of experienced global journalists to contribute to the collection appazine. Michael Ringier recently said, "Our aim for the collection is to tell amazing and timely stories like they have never been told before, using the best designed and most entertaining applications possible." Each monthly issue is devoted entirely to a single subject, which allows for greater depth than most media care to give.

There will be another hot topic covered by the collection appazine next month. We look forward to more monthly mulit-media reports for many years to come. For trend setters, decision makers, and anybody who wants to understand their world, the collection appazine is a powerful way to stay informed.

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