Sunday, May 8, 2011

Will Humanoid Robots Take Us To Deep Space?

Most of us have gotten used to science fiction-style concepts becoming reality. Or, at least, with the notion of them eventually becoming reality. Humanoids robots are one of those fiction-to-fact aspects of modern life, and it seems that their debut is imminent. "Humanoid robots could make deep space exploration more feasible," reports Fox News. "As NASA prepares for Endeavour's last mission, and the final shuttle flight ever by Atlantis in June, space experts are starting to wonder if NASA should rethink its mission." This assumes, of course, that Obama will not further cripple NASA. In any event, it makes a lot of sense to send robots to deep space. It would be cheaper in the long run. For one thing, robots don't need food or water, and that alone greatly reduces the weigh and size requirements of a mission craft. "Should future crafts be flown by autonomous bots we control from Earth? The most advanced humanoid ever created is already in space aboard the International Space Station, after all -- just waiting for instructions and the green 'go' light from NASA." Full article at FoxNews SciTech... RELATED: Obama sees China as a partner in Mars mission 5/6/2011 MSNBC Congress Bans NASA from Collaborating with China, Citing Espionage 5/8/2011 Geekosystem Obama Budget Plan Grounds NASA Despite Increased Funding TIME No Liftoff: Obama's Plan Grounds NASA TIME NASA Pulls Out of Astrophysics Missions‎ U.S. News & World Report