Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In Toronto, Geert Wilders Repeats His Warning About Islamization

On May 9, 2011 Geert Wilders spoke to The International Free Press Society (IFPS-Canada) in Toronto. He gave a serious warning to his audience about the Islamic threat to Western democracies. The video below contains much of his remarks. The event took place at Canadian Christian College. This was a warning about the effects of multiculturalism gone wild, and many were angered by the IFPS giving him the opportunity to speak in Canada. On Wednesday, May 11, the IFPS ran a post on their website with the accurate headline, "Geert Wilders' presence angers freespeechphobes." All Three Videos: Geert Wilders Toronto Canada 5-9-2011 Part I.wmv Geert Wilders Toronto Canada 5-9-2011 Part 2.wmv Geert Wilders Toronto Canada May 9, 2011 Part 3.wmv "I am here," he said somberly, "with an unpleasant message. I'm here with a warning. Wake up, Canada. Islam is at your gate. Do not allow it to gain a foothold here." Wilders has been outspoken about the Islamization of his native Holland (Netherlands). He has come under vicious attack for his willingness to speak out about the invasion of muslim immigrants in Europe who wish to impose Islamic law locally. "The Muslim population in Europe," Wilders said, "is largely concentrated in urban areas. Many European cities have huge Islamic concentrations." Wilders warned about the imposition of sharia law in those European cities. "In some neighborhoods, Islamic regulations are already being enforced, also on non-muslims. Women's rights are being trampled, Christians are being harassed." "Among muslim university students in United Kingdom," he said, "40 percent support support sharia and one out of three of those 40 percent consider it legitimate to kill in the name of Islam." "Wilders has certainly become a hugely controversial figure in Europe," wrote the Ottawa Citizen (May 10), "particularly in the Netherlands, where he is the leader of the third most popular political party in the country and is currently propping up a minority government, the Freedom Party, PVV. But he is also being prosecuted — some say persecuted – for alleged hate speech crimes against Muslims, including referring to the Koran as a 'fascist book' that promotes ideological views comparable to Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf and saying that if the Prophet Muhammad were alive today he would 'be hunted down as a terrorist'." Read more: Controversial Dutch politician warns of 'failure of multiculturalism - Vancouver Sun Geert Wilders Goes to Toronto, Canada -