Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hot Women in Ukraine Protest Sex Or Something

This story is amusingly bizarre, plus it has the added bonus of attractive women with uncovered torsos. Their intention is not simply to prove that they are mammals. Rather, they are showing their chests because...

Update 05 April 2012: Getting Naked for Freedom: Topless Women of FEMEN Protest Islamic Oppression of Women

I'm not completely sure what these women are protesting, really, and they've tangled with the Ukraine legal authorities for some time now. They are the women of Femen, a so-called women's rights group, that says it is fighting pr-stitution and uhm, "romantic" tourism.

What confuses me most about this is that the fact that Femen's best known tactic is to parade extremely beautiful women around in the buff. Do they really think that this will discourage men from around the world from going to Ukraine? "Hey, all you men out there, look at these scantily clad, virtually undressed beauties," they might as well say, "and don't even think about coming here for a closer look in the flesh." Weird.

The Guardian (UK) sums up Femen's origins: "Founded by Anna Hutsol, Femen began as a campaign against the explosion of pr-stitution and sex tourism in Ukraine (sparked by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and intensified by the arrival of budget airlines and a depressed economy). As its popularity grew, Femen took on issues as diverse as vote-rigging and the stoning sentence meted out to Iranian Sakineh Ashtiani." (More at

Spiegel International has a good article about Femen. Spiegel reports that travel agencies worldwide offer "Romantic Tours" in eastern Ukraine. "In Kiev, meanwhile, p-mps will call the hotel rooms of foreign guests and offer to sell them 'a good time with a girl.' According to a survey, 70 percent of students in the capital have been approached at least one time by a foreigner offering them money for sex."

Okay, and is that so unusual? That kind of behavior happens in large cities in around the world, with or without "romantic tours" bringing desperate losers in by the plane load. Ever been to Las Vegas?

Or, for that matter, Lincoln, Nebraska -- or any other city? This kind of thing is hardly unique to Kiev, and it's probably safe to say that the folks who make a living in that industry would sell their wares even without the international romantic tour circuit.

Spiegel's reporter, Benjamin Bidder, notes that traditional feminists are befuddled by the Femen ladies. "They dress like pr-stitutes," Bidder quoted gender researcher Maria Dmitrieva from something she wrote about Femen in a Russian magazine. Dmitrieva says that the way the Femen ladies present themselves in public "is certainly not conducive to social discourse."

This all depends on the type of social discourse we're talking about, of course.

Spiegel's Bidder quotes one member of Femen's response to the confusion of the old-style feminists. "We're different from classic feminists," she said. "In order to gain a voice, they had to become like men. But we want a real women's revolution. Our ... protests are part of the fight for women's liberation. We have the right to use our bodies as weapons."

Onward, into battle, brave ladies. Now, if only the Tea Party would adopt these tactics.

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