Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Paul Mitchell Wants You to Watch 'Atlas Shrugged'

Ayn Rand's influential novel "Atlas Shrugged" is finally a major motion picture. It will open, appropriately, on April 15. That's three days before Tax Day (it's April 18 this year) for most of us, and our annual reminder of government's steel grip on our lives. (Watch trailers here.) I've been amazed that the film has not gotten more attention and mention than it has. I understand that the producers have no budget for promotion, but what's puzzling is the virtual silence from conservative talk show hosts and tea party groups nationwide. Tea Party groups across the country will hold rallies on Friday, April 15. Perhaps, after the rallies, they could also go en masse to the nearest theater that is showing Atlas Shrugged. One Chicago-area politician, Paul Mitchell, is smart enough to get a group together to watch the movie. He's the Vice President of Lake County Right to Life, a board member of the Lake County Tea Party, and a recent candidate for the Illinois State Legislature. He's inviting everyone to join him in watching Atlas Shrugged next Friday, April 15. In his own words: Next week, on Friday, April 15th, at the Marcus Cinema at Gurnee Mills Mall in Gurnee, Atlas Shrugged, Part One will open. Let's go see it together. I recently finished reading the novel by Ayn Rand that this movie is based upon, and I think this will be an important film. We should help it be a success. If you, like me, feel that the world is going crazy, I want you to know that someone predicted over 50 years ago much of what we're seeing today. It is not too late to fight the trends, and I believe that this story will help us put the current problems that our state and our nation are facing into context. It will also help us understand who our opponents really are, and what they driving us towards. Read Mitchell's entire invitation at his website: