Thursday, April 14, 2011

British Girls Forced Into Prostitution by Foreigners (Video)

In economically depressed northern England, especially in run-down industrial towns, young girls in their early teens are being abused and forced into prostitution by immigrants from Pakistan and other Asian countries. Often plied with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, the girls are easy prey for these vermin. The shocking videos below will make you see this horrible abuse of young girls in a way you might never have dreamed possible. It's truly a nightmare for the girls and for their parents. Sometimes forced into prostitution and/or the narcotics trade, this is a tragedy that affects women of all nationalities worldwide. The Mail Online (UK) has an excellent article about British girls being forced into prostitution in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Another good article about forced sex work comes from The Independent (UK). Of course, there are non-British girls being victimized by these scumbags, too. The BBC had a thorough piece about a 16-year old Lithuanian girl who was forced into prostitution while on a trip to the UK. Her tormenters were a group Albanian pimps operating a string of brothels in a west London suburb. This is NOT a uniquely British problem. It is a global epidemic, getting worse every year.