Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updated: Videos 'Prove' Obama Birth Certificate Faked

April 18, 2011 - Barack Obama finally released his long form birth certificate yesterday -- or did he? Was that document authentic? No, according to a YouTuber called "extremumspiritum," who calls it a forgery. I'm presenting this without comment (yet), except to say that the maker of these videos presents a compelling case which, if true, will be one of history's biggest bombshells. He claims to "prove" the birth certificate is a fraud by using Inkscape, a graphics program, and Google's Chrome internet browser.

Update: "On the Titanic, Worried About Obama's Birth Certificate" He offers video "proof" of this claim in two videos. One, uploaded to YouTube yesterday, is titled "Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate Is A Fake!! Google Chrome Exposes Lie!" Extremumspiritum wrote this description how how he "proves" the forgery using Google Chrome: "While using the Google Chrome browser to view the high resolution pdf of Barack Obama's long form birth certificate, I noticed while zooming in on the document that the background disappears. When this happens all of the pixelated looking letters on the document disappear including the Attendents signature but other parts of the test stay intact. This only works with Google Chrome." Watch that video here (he has disabled embedding).

In another video, uploaded by Extremumspiritum today, is titled "Obama's long form birth certificate FAKE. Several layers in pdf document." This video's decription: "I opened Obama's original long form birth certificate in Inkscape. Once there I was able to move the many different layers of this forged document. Somebody forgot to flatten the layers and cover their tracks before handing this over to the president." Watch that video here (embedding disabled).