Sunday, March 6, 2011

Controversial Russian UFO Video

An strange and glowing object was recently caught on video and witnessed by thousands of people in Siberia. The video shown below is of higher quality than most UFO videos are. It's also more controversial than many, and has the Russian government on the defense. Official claims that it was a meteor are not sitting well with those who saw it behaving more like a flying vehicle of some type. AllNewsWeb reports this: A witness, Ms. Saryan Nabulina, recalled that "I thought what I saw was a nuclear explosion, prior to this I did not believe in UFOs however now I do". .... shortly after the event ... the Russian government went into what some saw as cover-up mode, declaring the object a meteor heading towards Earth. One witness, Mr. Ilya Saratov was outraged at this explanation. "I saw the lights, split up and then merge. They were multi-colored and blinking. No way is this sighting not connected to something more mysterious from the cosmos." Read more...