Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats Flee to Rockford, AWOL on Public Bargaining Vote Today

My favorite headline of the day: "BREAKING: Wisconsin Dems Hiding At Best Western Clocktower in Rockford, IL …Update: TEA PARTY WINS! Chases WI Dems Out of Rockford." That's from Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, and the story itself is even better. The cheesey, chicken Democrats actually crossed the state line to cower in fear of their own constituents. "The Wisconsin senate democrats fled the state today rather than vote on a budget repair bill," wrote Hoft. "If you are in the Rockford area please go to the Best Western and record video, take pictures and protest these irresponsible liberal politicians." Late news is that the cowards are on a bus heading back to Madison. Gateway Pundit is all over this story, with fast-breaking Twitter updates at WTMJ News (Milwaukee) is all over this, too. See their story "Budget Battle: Democrats Who Left State are Located." RELATED: Obama Worried About 'Assault On Unions,' But FBI Worried About Union Ties To Terrorists - CNB