Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video of UFO Over China Soccer Game, Feb 2011

This is a very interesting UFO video, taken from the stands of a soccer game in China. The good part of the 1:18 video (below) comes in at the 29-second mark. As the camera holder records the action of the game, someone apparently taps him/her on the shoulder to make them aware of a strange hovering object in the sky. The camera swerves to the UFO, then back to the game, then back for a rather good view of something that hovers unlike any airplane, and with a profile like no helicopter. Not as spectacular as the China Spiral UFO, but interesting. Michael Cohen at wrote about this today. "The UFO clip below is making the rounds of the Chinese Internet and the massive online community of UFO enthusiasts in that part of the world." Read more about this UFO at "UFO," by the way, simply means "unidentified flying object," not necessarily a spaceship from another planet. It would seem that UFOs like soccer fields. Be sure to watch the second video below, with a UFO buzzing Green Point Soccer Stadium in Cape Town.