Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tea Party On Gery Chico: No Endorsement!

February 15, 2011 - CHICAGO - Despite the rumors and stupidity by the media, especially AOL's Huffington Post, the Tea Party in Chicago has not endorsed mayoral candidate Gery Chico. Here is today's press statement from the Tea Party: CHICO IS NOT THE MAN Contrary to what has been reported by the Huffington Post and repeated by other media outlets, the Chicago Tea Party Patriots have not endorsed Gery Chico. Here is what we said about Gery Chico in our Chicago Mayoral Candidate Profile: "For generations Chicago voters have had their choice of voting for various somebodys that somebody sent. This election for Chicago Mayor is no different, sadly. Unfortunately, Chico does not offer a break from the Chicago Way of politics and progressive policies. Chico is not the man." We also said Chico's relationship with the public sector unions will lead to the largest tax increases in Chicago history. Read our full analysis of Gery Chico on the issues here. Our members are very disappointed in the choices we have for Mayor, particularly Gery Chico and Rahm Emanuel. The City of Chicago current has $60 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, which comes to $42,000 per family. None of the candidates have a plan to address the most serious financial crisis the city is facing. "I don't think anyone running for mayor has the backbone to make the tough, prudent decisions this city needs," said Van Chou of Garfield Park. Kurt Fujio of Rogers Park said, "Neither Rahm Emanuel nor Gery Chico reflect the basic principles which the Tea Party movement supports - limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and economic freedom. In response to improving the city's woeful education problems, Gery Chico suggests new buildings as the answer. Free-market solutions, school choice and competition are vital for improving schools and education in Chicago. Chico's past duties in Chicago city government included education, and yet the track record is very poor. Chico for mayor is a non-starter." Fujio goes on to say, "Neither candidate recognizes the dire financial crisis and burden to the city's taxpayers and working families imposed because of failures at all levels of government to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles to economic prosperity. Within Chicago, corruption, fraud and abuse are exacerbated by the draconian and oppressive city regulations interfering with all aspects of business conduct, including licensing, zoning, administration, and taxing. These burdens fall not only on businesses, but on consumers who must bear higher costs and on taxpayers who must foot the bill. Until such concerns are addressed adequately by Chicago's mayoral and aldermanic candidates, the city of Chicago is being short-changed and deprived of better government." Many were offended by comments from Emanuel and Chico about concerned citizens in the Tea Party movement. "How utterly disrespectful of any candidate to speak negatively of any of the constituents over which they are fighting to serve. They seem to have forgotten they are in service to those that elect them. As a matter of fact, doesn't Rahm state he will require that service attitude of his staff in one of his commercials? I guess that doesn't apply to him," said Rae Ann McNeilly. The Chicago Tea Party Patriots organized the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party in Daley Plaza on April 15, 2010. Mayor Daley told reporters he believed 20,000 people attended the rally. Our origins date back to the first Chicago Tea Party on February 27, 2009. During the past year, we've hosted 6 candidates for U.S. Congress and 2 candidates for Governor of Illinois at our rallies and events. The Huffington Post erroneously reported the Chicago Tea Party Patriots endorsed Gery Chico. Chico received the endorsement of the Chicago Tea Patriots. That group has no association whatsoever with the Tea Party Patriots or the Illinois Tea Party. They also had no involvement in organizing the first Chicago Tea Party on February 27, 2009, the April 15 Chicago Tax Day Tea Party in 2009, or the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party in 2010. The Core Values of the Tea Party Patriots are: •Fiscal Responsibility •Constitutionally Limited Government •Free Markets Contact: Ann Stewart, (773) 559-0105 or steve@teapartychicago.com For more information on the Tea Party Movement in Chicago, Illinois and nationally, please visit: Chicago: http://teapartychicago.org Illinois: http://illinoistea.org National: http://teapartypatriots.org