Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is This Any Way To Revolt? April 15 March on Springfield Will Last Only Two Hours

This is nice, but it would have been nicer to see this kind of effort back in December or January before the Quinn tax hike became law. Well, let's move forward with this march on the Illinois capitol, shall we? It'll be a nice little outing. Here's what the invitation says on the Tea Party's Facebook page: "This is your chance to express yourself and your voice regarding the outrageous tax hikes imposed by a Lame Duck Legislature and Democrat Governor." Okay, that's great -- but what if the Tea Party had a thousand or more people camping out on the steps of the Capitol Building before the tax hikes were imposed? Uhm, wait minute - the "revolt" is scheduled to last only two hours? What the hell kind of "revolt" is that?!? Will there be biscuits and scones served at this timid tea party? The title of their Facebook page is "Statewide March on Springfield - THE ILLINOIS STATE WIDE TAX REVOLT." Wait a minute. "Revolt?" Come on, Tea Party, get with the program. You don't "revolt" by politely scheduling a brief, two-hour outing. Nope, you need to stir things up a bit, as I called for last month. Seriously, how far do you think George Washington and his compatriots would have gotten with these milque toast tactics?