Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dibs! Chicago Snow Brings Out Lawn Furniture, Selfishness

February 5, 2011 - Chicago - Some residents in the Windy City think they own the streets, or parts of them. After they dig their cars free from snowy encasement, some folks put lawn chairs and/or other other objects in the space they just drove out of. This, you see, is intended to prevent other motorists from parking in that space. It's stupid. The people who do this will tell you that they have "dibs" on the space because they put the effort into clearing it. Using that logic, however, the City of Chicago should be able to claim that space because it built the entire road upon which it exists. Oh, wait... the City of Chicago does own that road - and, therefore, the space. The real irony of these photos is that they were taken in the very liberal neighborhood of Rogers Park. Residents there pride themselves on being egalitarian and "progressive." The whole parking dibs thing is the antithesis of their socialistic world view. It's selfish and loudly proclaims that the perpetrator has no concern for other people. Every man, woman and in-between for themselves. If you're one of those inconsiderate selfish people who puts crap on the street to hold your parking space for hours and hours, not caring that you may be inconveniencing some old lady who's just trying to visit her ailing sister, here's a request: Take your ugly trash off the street and do what most motorists do - look for an open spot somewhere else. Deal with it. Click images to enlarge. See more images at our online Blizzard album...