Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chicago Mayoral Election (Yawn)

February 22, 2011 - Chicago - Will Carol Moseley Braun be Chicago's next mayor? Hell, no. The "consensus candidate" selected by the self-appointed "leaders" of Black people in Chicago has been enjoying the taste of her own foot too much to win this election. Odds are that Rahm Emanuel will win. Jeepers, the suspense is killing me (not). Perhaps that Chico guy or that Del Valle fellow can force a run-off, but that's unlikely. The voting turnout so far is reportedly light, and that will probably help the Rahm Machine with its busloads of well paid voters. The stark reality that she doesn't have a chance in this election hasn't stopped her from uglifying the landscape with campaign signs, however. This one, photographed today near the Loyola CTA Red Line Station in Rogers Park this morning, is in violation of election laws. You can see that it's just past the blue cone, which advises "No Electioneering Beyond This Point!" I suppose this one sign won't make a difference and, in any case, Moseley Braun won't be electioneering for much of anything ever again after today.