Monday, January 10, 2011

You Can Stop The Illinois Monster Tax Hike

We can stop it.......The Democrats don't have the votes yet to pass their economy crushing, job killing, freedom stealing 75% tax increase. Governor Quinn, House Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton came to an agreement last week on the proposed tax increase, but they've been unsuccessful in convincing enough Democrat members of the House and Senate to support this man caused disaster. Here's what has taxpayers and businesses across Illinois looking up moving companies: Your personal state income taxes will go up by 75%, increasing to 5.25% of your income. State corporate tax rates will increase to 10.9%, making the taxes on Illinois businesses the highest in the industrial world. Cigarette taxes will go up by $1 to $1.98 per pack. Even if you're not a smoker, this will cause more people to cross the border into Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri to buy their cigarettes (and other products while they're there), costing the state more revenue. Keep in mind that Chicago is the state's largest border city. We have a structural budget gap in Illinois. The total budget gap is running at a staggering 40%, but the solution is not raising taxes by 75%. The only approach we can count on to solve Illinois' budget crisis is to stop spending. We need to tell our representatives that we want them to vote NO to tax increases, NO to more spending, NO to more borrowing and NO to new government programs. Let's keep the pressure on these people: There are three state representatives running for Chicago city office in February. They need to face the voters next month - we don't have to wait two years to send them a message at the ballot box. They are: Susana Mendoza (D-Chicago). Phone 217-782-7752. Fax 217-782-8917. Mendoza is running for Chicago City Clerk. Email her at William Burns (D-Chicago). Phone 217-782-2023. Fax 217-782-8569. Burns is running for Alderman in the 4th Ward. Email him at Harry Osterman (D-Chicago). Phone 217-782-8088. Fax 217-782-6592. Osterman is running for Alderman in Chicago's 48th Ward. Email him at Click below to find the phone and email address of your own: State Representative or State Senator Don't know the name of your state represenative or state senator? Click here to find out. If we can stop Illinois Democrats from raising taxes by the end of the lame duck session on Tuesday, January 11, then it may not happen at all. Where you can find us: Chicago - Illinois - National