Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIND 560 AM Submits to Rahm Emanuel!

January 5, 2011 - Chicago - Salem may be a great radio network, but WIND in Chicago seems to be a weak link in the chain. Local conservative activist William J. Kelly has been removed from the station's lineup (he was on at 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays), but there's some good news here as well. Bill Kelly summed it up himself in an email today: ACTION ALERT: Off the air on AM 560 WIND Wednesday, January 5, 2011 2:07 PM From: William Kelly To: Chicago News Bench Dear Friends, Good news. Bad news. Good news first. Good news is that I am launching a 24/7 radio podcast on-demand at this Saturday, January 8th. It is me uncensored. All the things I have not been allowed to say. My team and I will be syndicating our message with stations across Illinois starting this Saturday at 6pm CST. You can listen and call-in live toll-free. Visit for information. Now the bad news. There is a price for speaking the truth on the airwaves. Due to my opposition to Rahm Emanuel, it appears AM 560 WIND has caved to political and media pressure. As of last Saturday, I am off the air on AM 560 WIND. If you’ve been listening, you know I’ve been routinely preempted or forced to do a recorded (not live) show. I know so many of you have been calling the station to ask them why they were trying to force me off the air. It is a good question. Why would a so-called conservative radio station take Rahm Emanuel’s side and force me off the air? Let me clarify one thing: I don’t blame Salem Radio Network for this. They are a good conservative network. They may not be aware of what they’re Chicago station has been doing. This station has made a lot of questionable decisions. They buckled under the pressure of the Chicago media when the Jay Levine story broke. They also allowed their so-called “conservative” morning show host, Amy Jacobson, to attack me every morning and did not issue an apology. Jacobson says she is a real journalist but she is primarily known for her backyard bikini interviews and her firing from NBC. She says I’m not a real reporter – but she is a phony conservative. She just wants the paycheck. Enough is enough. I will not be censored any longer. Here is one of my shows talking about the pressure on AM 560 WIND. After playing with me, the station is now upset and worried about all the phone calls they’ve been getting from conservatives and tea party supporters. However, none of that would have happened had they acted the right way, the conservative way in the first place. They should have stood up with me. They should not have tried to censor me. They should have reprimanded or – better – replaced Amy Jacobson with a real conservative voice. But we are conservatives and we will continue the fight. Yesterday, Rahm Emanuel won another round in court to stay on the mayoral ballot. The appeal is now headed to the Illinois Supreme Court who will have to decide whether to change the law in order to accommodate Rahm Emanuel. I will continue to keep you posted and let you know of any action items as they come up. Thank you for your tremendous support! Faithfully, William J. Kelly Website: Twitter: Facebook:!/group.php?gid=106505343543&ref=ts RSS Feed: