Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Wrong With Women?

This ought to be lively. Maybe, even, dangerous. America's Future Foundation (AFF-Chicago) will host an event that examines the question, "what's wrong with women?" They will be "discussing the tendency for women to vote for politicians and policies that reduce personal liberty and increase the role of the state. Some argue there's an essential difference between men and women. A recent study categorized statist modes of thinking as 'feminine,' and libertarian modes as 'masculine'." However, notes AFF, the stereotypes may be inaccurate. Perhaps it's not a gender or sex thing, but simply a cultural influence. "This past November," says AFF, " for the first time in three decades, women were equally likely to vote for Republicans as Democrats. Four years ago, they backed Democrats by 12 points." Where: Sullivan's Steakhouse, 415 N. Dearborn, Chicago (map) When: Wednesday, January 12th, 6-8 PM RSVP: or on our Facebook Event page by January 10th. Price: $10 per person (includes two drink tickets, payable at the door) You can RSVP at AFF-Chicago's Facebook page.