Monday, January 24, 2011

UPDATED: Rahm Emanuel Off The Ballot; Ray Hanania Calls Him Racist

UPDATE, January 25: Emanuel, kicked off the ballot yesterday, is back on the ballot. WTH? More over here... January 24, 2011 - Chicago - You've probably heard by now that Rahm Emanuel has been booted off of Chicago's mayoral primary ballot. Some of us aren't surprised, including a local law professor. Carol Felsenthal spoke with him today and wrote it up at Weeks ago, when most people thought that the challenge to Rahm Emanuel’s residency status was a lost cause, Northwestern Law Professor Sam Tenenbaum dissented. He reminded me of that today when I called him for his reaction to the Illinois Appeals Court ruling that Rahm is ineligible to run for mayor because he does not meet the residency requirement of having lived in Chicago for a year prior to the February 22nd primary. “I told you [the challenge] wasn’t frivolous,” said Tenenbaum, a clinical associate professor of law, whose specialty is civil litigation. Full Article at Emanuel is also being called some very nasty things. Local liberal columnist and defender of Arab dictatorships Ray Hanania wrote last Friday that Rahm is a racist and religious bigot. Yes, he really did. Apparently, Hanania has no problem with racist bigots if they are autocratic royal rulers of Middle Eastern nations, but Rahm is just too extreme for his tastes. Hanania started his column with a truly idiotic paragraph: "Everyone knows that the reason why Rahm Emanuel is in the race for mayor is that he has more money than any other candidate." Hanania's logic is so twisted that the mind reels. So, one day Rahm was sitting around and thought, 'Golly, I've got all this money that I'm dying to piss away on a mayoral race that I care nothing about. In fact, the only reason I want to run is because I have more money than any other candidate!' I'm no fan of Emanuel, but it's quite a stretch to believe Hanania's crazy hypothesis. What's even crazier, however, is that the often-crazy Hanania blunt called Rahm Emanuel a prejudiced bigot. Hanania's first paragraph was merely stupid, but he get downright vitriolic: "Emanuel is proving to be a vicious political animal who harbors hatreds and biases. He won’t talk to some people because of their race and religion. He won’t talk to some people because of their political views.... Chicago is a diverse city. The last thing it needs is a mayor who discriminates on the basis of race, ethnicity and religion as Rahm Emanuel does." Hanania offers no substantiation of those serious charges, no examples or Emanuel discriminating against anybody based on race, ethnicity or relgiion. Has Ray Hanania learned nothing about making public discourse more civil? Apparently not, and the last thing Chicago needs is a columnist like Ray Hanania who makes such vile accusations without offering any proof. Rahm is off the mayoral ballot, for now anyway. That means somebody else is the new leader in terms of having "more money than any other candidate." Will Hanania's declare that candidate to be in it just for that reason? Abracadabra, Hanania Banania. RELATED: Ray Hanania defends Arab dictatorships Ray Hanania Cancels His Daily Radio Show Cowardly Ray Hanania Disappoints (Kind of) CNB