Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Illinois Supreme Court Gets Horse Heads From Rahm Emanuel

January 25, 2011 - Chicago - What a difference a day makes. Yesterday morning, Rahm Emanuel was removed from Chicago's mayoral primary ballot. That was due to a ruling by the Illinois Appellate Court, which said that ballots must be printed without his name. Late this morning, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that Rahm's name must remain on the ballot. Heads are spinning. "Looks like Illinois Supreme Court justices finally received their horse heads," wrote "Fector" on Twitter. Or, maybe, the justices each got a dead fish in their mailbox. The Chicago Sun-Times reports today that the IL Supreme Court "has not decided whether to hear Emanuel’s appeal of Monday’s Illinois Appellate Court ruling that tossed him out of the race to replace Mayor Daley. But the Supreme Court granted Emanuel’s motion for a stay of the ruling." Huh? The Appellate Court made a legitimate ruling but the Springfield Supremes just overturned it without even hearing the case for themselves. Granted, they just said that they will hear the case, but why not let the Appellate Court's ruling stand until the Supreme Court hears it? (Does this smell bad to you, too?) This, and a hundred other things, have only convinced me that my profound and deepening dislike of Illinois is justified.